Massage and wellness

Un temps pour soi

Why have a relaxation massage in a guest house?

Whether you are an initiate or a novice, our masseuses will transport you elsewhere for the duration of a treatment.
So ready to forget everything about your daily life to concentrate only on your sensations, your feelings.
To be paid additionally:
call us for more information/prices

All sessions must be booked according to availability.
06 64 14 25 81

Well-being massages are reserved for guests booking a night to choose from our 5 guest rooms.

Solo relaxation massage

Thinking about your well-being,
You will reunify the body and the mind to become one
Take this precious time to disconnect from everyday life and find your body.
Our professional masseuses will transport you to a world of relaxation.

1 Hour SOLO to only think about your deep well-being.

Duo relaxation massage

In connection with two, it's better
What's better than getting together as friends or as a couple to let go just to relax.
Our professional masseuses will transport you to a world of absolute relaxation.
Each of the masseuses is at your disposal for a letting go that will transport you.

I know gentlemen who don't dare share this moment side by side with their partner, it's time to get started thanks to this DUO made for you.

1 hour in a DUO to share this special moment.

Professionals massages

Careful decoration

Careful decoration
Franco-Moroccan atmosphere for traveling. A real call to rest and relaxation.

Each masseuse has her own equipment allowing maximum comfort:

- Heated table
- Table with headrest
- Candles for ambiance

Qualified experience

Each masseuse is qualified.

All are very attentive to offer you a tailor-made massage respecting your physical condition and emotion of the moment.

Healthy and natural product

Heated sesame oil

Organic virtues: Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E,

it ensures better cell regeneration, which helps to reduce various spots.

It preserves the skin's hydration.

Its lecithin and fatty acid content allows it to restore and maintain the skin's hydrolipidic film.

The different types of massages

4 possible choice :
All of our partners' massages are relaxation-oriented and personalized (non-medical).

Masseurs practicing Californian massage (well-being and relaxation):
It is a massage with oil on the entire body "California type" where the masseuse will bring you her experience and will adapt the touch and pressure according to your previously defined wishes. Particularly appreciated for an intense, soothing relaxation, through which the massaged person rediscovers their body, or learns to know it and aims for a state of total relaxation, of self-abandonment, sometimes to the point of falling asleep.

Masseurs practicing Ayeurvedic massage:
It is a massage method that works on the harmonization of the chakras to rebalance both the body and the mind.
Coming from Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, this massage provides relaxation, well-being and letting go.
It allows:
- To increase vital energy
- To promote concentration
- To help you better manage your emotions.

Masseurs practicing Tui Na Massage:
It is an energetic massage called "Tuina" with a Chinese manual practice of pressure, friction or mobilization on specific points and areas of the body.
It helps relieve tension and harmonize the free circulation of energy in the body.

A masseuse practicing massage for pregnant women:
Pregnancy is an inner revolution, both physical and psychological.
Pregnant women's massage allows you to gently support this revolution thanks to its multiple benefits:
- Relieves tension,
- Improves blood and lymphatic circulation,
- Helps reduce pregnancy pain,
- Promotes bonding with baby
Possible from the 4th month of pregnancy.

Reservation subject to availability (give us a preferred time)
06 64 14 25 81

Well-being massages are reserved for guests booking a night to choose from our 5 guest rooms.

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